From Cologne to Boston


I read Rachel's post: liveblogging  a 12 hour flight to Bangkok and loved it.. granted not every flight is a good one but I figured I'd give this a go and try doing a similar post.

I decided to record happenings on my most recent flight, even thought it was less than eight hours it seemed to go okayish and so i'm sharing it with you today.

Here's how my flight went down:

Before the flight, we were kind of worried about not having any in-flight entertainment since we booked our transatlantic flight with eurowings.

13:03 Board the plane. We get happy the plane does have in flight entertainment. We also noticed that every seat has a water bottle. Sadly only the ones with extra leg room get a blanket/pillow.

13:17 Find out the in flight entertainment requires a 9,99€ payment.

13:44 Time for the safety procedure demo.

13:53 Prepare for take off, then eventually take off.

13:56 Kid behind me says: "guck mal da unten die kleinen Autos."

14:16 The steward comes by selling 3 euro earphones.

Come by giving us food, but only to the ones who pre-booked it. The guy next to us then requests to buy a hot meal and the steward says "no, sorry you had to pre book it..." and offers only cold food to him. He buys two sandwiches.

15:30 Stop by to pick up trash, guy next to us asks if he can order coffee the lady says they aren't serving anymore "that time has passed."

17:45 Avi wakes me up because she needs to go to the restroom and she can't open the door, turns out they're all occupied! But then it turns out that once she was in there she had a little problem trying to open the door to come out

18:34 They turn lights on and they pass out a snack, again, to those who paid for it.
20:35 Avi comes to sit with me (on top) and says her tummy hurts. I braid her hair and then we watched muted movie trailers and I narrated them. #funny

21:05 Start preparing for landing

21:24 (15:25) prepare for landing

21:50 land

21:55 get your bags stand and wait

2200 getting off

Have you booked a transatlantic flight for cheap? 

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