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I started using essential oils for sleep support over two years ago. But I only joined Young Living last year! I bought a set of 12 essential oils and diffused them all over the house.

How I Started: My friend Courtney offered a free roller to anyone who wanted to try them, I tried out a sleep roller.. then a couple of months later she hosted a try before you buy, so I tried two additional ones and I bought my kit shortly after -talk about hooked. Don’t be discouraged if you're feeling skeptical at first; I was too! 

Background on Young Living: They are the first essential oils company, and they’ve been around for more than 25 years! Young Living has a Seed To Seal promise– basically stating they provide quality through extensive testing. They seed, cultivate, distill, test and seal each bottle of oil at their very own farms!

Europe Special

Young Living is offering 10% off through June 30th on two of their Premium Starter Bundles (reg price 167€) This is a really great sale (even better than free shipping!! :p) especially when stacked with my freebies for you:

You get all those oils above in your starter kit! Plus I send you info on how to use each one with your new kit! ORDER HERE and make sure the number 23259511 appears in both the “Enroller” and “Sponsor ID” fields. This doesn’t mean you’ll ever have to sell anything, it just makes you a wholesale member and gives you 24% off retail prices!  

I believe so strongly in the power of essential oils that I want everyone to have them, when you enroll with me as a wholesale member you’ll get the following perks for being part of our Essential Family:

  • Your choice of a free gift from me (diffuser, glass bottles or 20€ gift card). 
  • exclusive support groups on Facebook 
  • A Welcome packet with some goodies to get you started! 
  • When you are a wholesale member, you’re eligible to earn an income (though there’s never any pressure to sell!) 
  • We offer free business mentorship and one-on-one coaching to anyone on our team who wants to do this as a business– whether your goal is to earn enough to pay for your oils or earn an extra monthly paycheck

What’s Inside the Young Living Premium Starter Kit

Here’s what you get in the kit:

  • A diffuser of your choice
  • 12 bottles of oils
  • 2 fitment rollers
  • NingXia Red (2 sample packs)
  • 24% off retail prices

I look forward to welcoming you to our Essential Family!

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