Easter Break - Holland


Easter Break just passed, hope everyone's was as cool as ours! We had the opportunity to spend it in Holland with our friend Carmen & her boyfriend, Joost. I uploaded the pictures of our trip on Facebook, but I am going to give extra details about what we did on this blog post. If you're here it's because you want to know what we did during our trip. 

Our train ride over there was hectic, we bought our train tickets online and had reserved our seats, but on the first train we accidentally got on the wrong wagon so we had to walk through like 6 extra-crowded wagons to get on the correct one, and trust me doing this while trying to maneuver a stroller, is not an easy task. The second train, on the other hand, was spacious and almost empty so that was cool. 

We arrived in Amsterdam and C&J picked us up, at the central station. We got to their home in Ter Aar lateish so we only ate a quick dinner and went to sleep--we had a long weekend ahead of us!


After eating breakfast we went from Ter Aar to Amsterdam by bus (which in case you were wondering, public transportation is more expensive than in Hamburg). Then we walked around touring the city of Amsterdam.

We visited the Red Light District, but obviously photos are strictly forbidden there and we weren't going to risk having our phones/camera taken away if someone caught us snapping a photo.

We kept walking and took pictures of a lot of buildings until we reached a carnival outside the queens dom(?). While there Avi rode the Carousel, and all three of us rode the Ferris wheel, where we were able to take pictures of the whole city.

Then we ate churros, something you are sure to find in a Mexican feria (similar to this).
After we went to eat, we tried the very famous Krokets from FEBO.. It was very delicious! We made more time then went to stand in line to go in to the Anne Frank House. Which was a very cool museum in which you are not allowed to take pictures in..
Then we went home. 

One mistake, not checking the the bus schedules.. it was 38 min for the next bus and we were almost in the middle of nowhere.. so we started walking towards Ter Aar.. but it was dark and cold.. so after like 20 minutes we decided to wait at the bus stop we had arrived at for the next bus.. then when it got there it almost didn't stop!! We had to run into the street so it could see us and stop! 

Kinderdijk Windmills and Rotterdam.

We went to visit some windmills! We went to Kinderdijk, a little village famous for its numerous windmills... We paid to be able to go inside windmills and see how they function.

We got to go in two of them, one of them was actually a watermill, but not pumping water anymore.. they had it spinning so we could get a feel of how it worked, and the other was a full functioning windmill.  

Once we finished there, we went to eat at Rotterdam, we went to an Italian restaurant called Messina, it was good

Scheveningen and Den Haag.

it is Easter Sunday! We visited the north sea for the first time at a beach near Den Haag called  Scheveningen. We hid eggs for avi in the sand near a little play area. 

Took some pictures near a light house, but in reality we took few pictures this day. I think it has to do with the fact that it was cold out! I felt cold wind even with a long sleeve shirt, a sweater and a thick coat.

Once we finished taking pictures we went to eat fish at a restaurant by the beach, it was delicious, and the sauces were super good as well, if I had the restaurant information I would definitely recommend it for anybody visiting Scheveningen.

That evening we had a traditional dutch dinner prepared by joost, it was really good! It included a meatball (not sure what was in it and it was bigger than regular meatballs), potatoes, broccoli and a cream made of cream, cheese and spices.

Last day in Holland.

We had bought everything to make chilaquiles except for chicken, so we decided to have chilaquiles for breakfast by adding eggs.

Then we got everything ready and took off to Amsterdam, toured a little, visited the Hard Rock Cafe & the huge Chess they have set up near it. Once we finished taking some pictures we went to eat.

Before leaving we obviously had to try the McKrokets, gotta say, I prefer FEBO krokets. So just go directly to a FEBO, don't stop at a McDonalds.

blah blah got on the train got home at midnight. (after a 1 hr wait in a restaurant for it to be time for our bus to pick us up!)

How was your Easter?

Bis Später!

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