Trip to Prague.


We took two days off and visited the city of Prague. if you haven't visited it, I suggest you go ASAP, it was easily the most beautiful city we have visited to date. Even though we only spent two full days there we were still able to see just about all of the main landmarks.

We took an overnight bus (the big yellow ones with Student Agency) from Hamburg on Wednesday evening and arrived in Prague on Thursday at 6:30 a.m.

First day in Prague

We made sure to book our tours with SANDEMANs online before we left. We had a couple of hours free time in the morning, but our itinerary was quite packed. we had three tours scheduled for the day: the free tour, the castle tour, and the beer tour.  
A Museum (w/Harry Potter in the window)

We spent the morning visiting an empty old town square. Then went to find a place to chill and eat breakfast while we waited for our first tour to start. Once it was around time we went to meet with our tour guide. 

Some of the major sites we passed on the walking tour included:

Old Town Square

& Astronomical Clock

Statue of Jan Hus

No make up selfie with the Czech Philharmonic
Art Nouveau Municipal House

Spanish Synagogue

St. Nicholas’ Church

Old Jewish Quarter
Ceremonial House @ Jewish quarter.
The Charles bridge

Thank you random tourist, for taking this lovely picture of us, because yeah who cares about what's behind us.

During the castle tour we got to go inside St. Vitus Cathedra and the guide told us a bit of history behind it. and then we walked down towards charles bridge and kept hearing more about Prague's history. sorry, I won't be talking about that on here.

The Beer Tour was amazing, I definitely recommend going on one while in Prague.

Since we did all three tours in one day we ended up walking from seven am til midnight (time we got checked in), you can imagine how we were by the time we hit the bed, knocked out! 

I totally recommend the first and the third tours. I thought the castle tour was cool but we could've done without it.. just visiting the castle would've been enough, no need to pay extra for it!

Second day In Prague

The next morning, we  ate breakfast, checked out and went to the city center once more to  snap some more photos, we spent the whole day re visiting, and looking through the gift shops for the best souvenirs!

at Mid day we where looking for a place to eat and bumped into my boss in the OTS.. took some pictures and carried on, we found a good restaurant, Ate lunch and continued touring. and for dinner, we had a hard time deciding what to do because we didn't have enough Coronas, and only had a 20 € bill, but didn't want to change all of it to CZK since we were leaving that night.. after a loooong search for someone to change only 10 € we were able to do it and ate dinner. went to the bus station and took another overnight train to arrive in Hamburg on Saturday a.m. here are some more pics from our second day in Prague:

Day 3.

well, on Sunday we decided that we hadn't traveled enough so we took a train and visited a friend in Lüneburg. We were just there for a little while to pick up some stuff, then went to eat at some expensive restaurant and were on our way home again.

Bis Später!

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