Postcard from Sweden


Hamburg (train to) > Bremen (plane to) > Skavsta airport (bus to) > Stockholm (train to) > Borlange (bus to) > Falún

I really don't think I knew what I was getting into when we started the trip... We spent one day in falun, one in Stockholm, and one in Nyköping. We arrived at night, and as soon as we got off the bus in Falun we started walking around looking for the hotel. Alas, we found it and Chuy was waiting for us outside with two coworker friends..Here's what we did the other three days:


Panoramic picture taken at the Falun Mine
We walked around and visited the Coal mines there, but the English tour had been in the morning and there weren't any others for the day so we didn't get the chance to go inside... Plus we didn't have sweaters (only avi did) or jackets and it was at around 5 degrees inside the mine! Instead we bought tickets that would let us explore the area (walked 1.7 km outside the pit) and visited the museum, I enjoyed it, it had some pretty nice views of the city.
Story behind the petrified mining boy at the Falun Mines, Falun Sweden
The story.

I'm glad that out of all the cities in Sweden, Chuy had to be in Falun, it has a lot of history, in one point t was the main city in the country, it was actually important before it became a country, all thanks to a goat named Kåre, which discovered the area that is were the mine stands... I enjoyed reading the story about it, it was nice learning something like that.

Once we finished that tour we decided to go towards the hotel and eat, we were hungrry, in the end we decided for pizza, even though it was expensive it was a good choice. then we went to the hotel, we were a little tired, avi was really tired and took a nap.. chuy got there early so we planned the rest of the day,  we drove to the ski lift, something really neat, and found a sort of flea market at its feet.


Walking tour in Stockholm, Sweden

We ate breakfast at the hotel, got our stuff ready and took off to Stockholm. Being short on time, we ended up parking in the city center so it was kind of expensive. 

I had googled tours in Stockholm and found a free walking tour that started at two p.m. We went to the meeting point and met up with our tour guide. We opted for a tour in English, and when he started he mentioned that this tour was of the old town. but we did get to see a lot of this part of town.
Walking tour in Stockholm, Sweden
After the tour, Avi and I ate at burger king while Pablo and his brother went to move the car to a free parking space. We planned to meet at a certain spot at 6:15 p.m. but they didn't show up, I was worried, especially since I was alone with avi in a city in which i don't speak the language. 
Walking tour in Stockholm, Sweden
Thankfullky we were in a touristy spot so we sat and waited while chatting with some expats (until they had to leave). Finally at 6:45 they show up, while it might have been only a 30 minute delay, It felt like forever to me. They explained that the reason it took them longer was because they had to travel underground not knowing which exit to take. we started walking towards gangland while visiting some new sites and stopped to eat at a Chinese restaurant.


There really isn't much to say about this city(/town?) since we were there half a day. We woke up, got ready, ate breakfast and made time and chilled at the hotel lounge. Once it was time to check out we did and wne to go visit the F11 Museum.
F11 Musuem in Nykoping, Sweden
F11 Musuem in Nykoping, Sweden
What I liked most about Sweden was that it was so green, so full of nature, there are trees everywhere! It kind of reminded me of Charlotte (the outskirts). And I think August/ Sept is a perfect time to visit, summers last less than in Hamburg, because they are further North, but we still got some pretty good wheather.
Falun. Sweden

Bis später!

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