Expat Life

One year.


We've officially been in Germany for a year

I remember my first day here it was hectic at the airport, I had a bunch of suitcases of all sizes and Avi was to little to help carry them, besides, she was in her stroller. I found out that the little carts you usually rent didn't require money, just a quarter, so in it went and I was able to get us out of the airport easily, Once out of the baggage claim, Pablo helped me mit alles. What I didn't know was that if I put the cart back it would return my quarter to me, oh well... you win some you loose some! We took a train then a bus to get home. 

I remember the smell of the apartment when I first got here, how everything was so new, Pablo had a few things in the fridge and we were able to eat a homemade meal as a family for the first time in Hamburg.

Life has changed in so many ways over the past year and yet remains the same.


- I am a SAHM, I did an internship earlier this year, but only for 6 mths.
- Pablo is starting 3rd semester, working at airbus and studentarbeit at the TUHH
- Avi is happy at the Kita, learning both english and german
- Happy as a family, but avi needs to start sleeping in her own bed (mattress, since we don't have enough room for a full bed for her).

In the future:

- I haven't really done anything to really learn the language, I want to learn what I didn't in the past year during the next three months #IfOnly. 
- I'm going to make a resolution to change some things around the house and with me personally. 
- I'm happy with where we are and hope we take advantage with our remaining year in Hamburg (travelwise). 

Things will change, I know that, but hopefully everything for the better. Thank you to all who made our first year here unforgettable.

My first year in Hamburg was unforgettable, even with spending new years eve in the hospital..  I hope the remaining one is even better. After that, We will find out if we go back or stay here a while longer.

Bis Später!

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