More on Christmas in Germany!


Happy Holidays!

I hope y’all had a wonderful time!   We got to spend Christmas eve with our friends Maria & Alex. They were nice enough to host, we made turkey and they treated us to some lovely dinner, gifts & the kids got to play together.

Here are some crappy blurry phone pictures

For my birthday I plan on going ice skating :) maybe I will post some of those pics, for sure you can find them on my instagram/twitter.

For New Years Eve, I have invited my friend Rachel over, will cook dinner and then time for some fireworks.  The fireworks here are something else, the Germans love gigantic firecrackers, they are really loud! but a soon as 12 am hits, everything lights up.. last year I got to see this first hand from a hospital window since I had to get my appendix removed. but this year will be better, at least I'll be with my loved ones.

Until later, 

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