5 places I'd revisit in a heartbeat.


I've been enjoying these past few weeks spending time with the family, but our vacation is almost up! We return to Germany on Tuesday, and I plan on doing some traveling once we're back home. Some of the cities I'd like to visit are: Mannheim, Heidelberg and Frankfurt.

But then again, there's also cities such as  London, Paris, and Rome, popular ones that everyone dreams of visiting when in Europe. Lucky for us we were just there last year, during our 15 days in Europe.

My Top 5 Destinations to revisit

Just because I've already been to a certain place doesn't mean I never want to step foot there again, quite the contrary actually! I was tagged by Katrina to choose 5 places I'd like to revisit. Read on to find out where I'd like to go again!

London, England

I want to go back to London because we didn't get to visit WB’s Harry Potter studios. I mean, yeah, you can never get enough of the beautiful city and there's a lot we didn't get to see or experience,, but the real reason will be Harry Potter, I hope the next time I go  my cousin gets to accompany us (she is also a HP fan)!

Orlando, Florida

 …or more specifically, take Avi to Disney and Universal Studios. I went to Disney World in Jan 1999; my mom was pregnant with my little sister, but my other sister and I still had a blast!  I went to Universal Studios with Pablo in Jan 2011, and would love to go again as a family, I want Avi to be able to get on all HP rides, so we have to wait a while, at least three years?

Cancun, Mexico

The last only time I visited was Christmas 2005, but I’d love to go again as an adult. Revisit Xcaret, go clubbing, All inclusive hotels and being able to visit surrounding beaches. I'd love to go to Cancun again for sure and I could even try to squish in a Mayan Wedding 😉. I want to make sure I get to experience Cancun to its maximum.

Prague, Czech Republic

It is one of my favorite cities in Europe, just so beautiful. I loved walking around and soaking in the architecture. We did a pub crawl while there and tasted a beer that we declared our favorite, and we are in search of it, we think we found it but we want to go back and re taste it to see if it is as good as we remember.

San Antonio, Texas 

I've gone to San Antonio a few times, but not recently, I would love to go as an adult, I should've taken advantage I was just a couple of hours away.. when I go I want to visit the Alamo and its surroundings, Sea World, Six Flags and other spots which I can’t remember at the moment, there's a lot to see and so much for Avi to learn.
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Is there a specific place that draws you back?


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