Vacation Quiz & Planning a trip to Italy


This is what happens when you have nothing to do, I took the "Where Should You Go on Vacation" quiz and got Paris as my answer, better yet it says I should spend my Christmas there, I think we'll be spending our Christmas vacation in Hamburg this year although we don't have any plans yet.. Paris won't be happening this year, maybe we'll be able to go next year, but for now we have our next trip booked already, I just booked our flights to Italy

Now, we have to plan everything we want to do in Italy, we arrive in Pisa on August 14th.

Our Plan in Italy

Some of the must-see destinations for our first trip to Italy are Rome, Florence and Venice, probably doing 2-3 days in each city.

We aren't booking any sights in advance, but we are definitely planning to go in to the Colosseum and the Vatican.

Moving within Italy is where the question lies, we will not be renting a car and moving strictly by train (from city to city). I've made three potential itineraries and am debating which is the best option.

Option 1:
dateFromToatarrivePrice I
8/14/2013Pisa CentraleRoma Termini12:01:0015:10:00€58.8
8/17/2013Roma TerminiVenezia S. Lucia8:35:0012:20:00€80
8/19/2013Venezia S. LuciaFirenze8:35:0010:40:00€58

Option 2:
dateFromToatarrivePrice I
8/14/2013Pisa CentraleVenezia S. Lucia13:11:0016:35:00€60.8
8/16/2013Venezia S. LuciaRoma Termini11:25:0015:10:00€80
8/18/2013Roma TerminiFirenze14:20:0015:51:00€86

Option 3:
dateFromToatarrivePrice I
8/14/2013Pisa CentraleFirenze13:11:0013:45:00€15
8/16/2013FirenzeRoma Termini8:04:009:35:00€78
8/18/2013Roma TerminiVenezia S. Lucia16:35:0020:20:00€160
8/20/2013Venezia S. LuciaPisa11:25:0015:03:00€61

It seems that option one is the cheapest, we haven't decided and will check hotel prices before we buy our train tickets. .

You have any plans for this summer or recommendations for me?


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