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A day trip to Alnwick


I wrote about our recent stay in Edinburgh for the #SundayTraveler link up this past sunday. Today I am linking up with Travel Tuesday and writing about Alnwick. We stayed in Edinburgh for two days, one of which we took a day trip via National Express busses to Alnwick, a city in England, around 2.5 hours away from Edinburgh and home to Alnwick castle.

This castle is considered one of the great border castles of Scotland, and is the second largest inhabited castle in Great Britain (second only to Windsor Castle). It is home to the powerful Percy family, the Dukes of Northumberland. It is made up of two rings of buildings with a large bailey surrounding the inner ring. The castle also houses a very fine art collection, considered one of the best in the UK  and was featured in the Harry Potter movies as the setting of Hogwarts.

As soon as we arrived  into the castle (around 12 pm) I saw a group of people standing in line with a "flying instructor" 

I walked towards them and he asked if I wanted to join, and of course I did! Once everything started he asked for a volunteer, and I told Avi to go. She was a really good student and understood his english pretty well.

demonstrating how to catch your broom
waiting for it to be our turn to catch our brooms

once we had our brooms we were set off to "fly"

It was a really awesome experience, and we got to take some really nice photos, towards the end he told us tricks to get some awesome pictures.
up, up!

going for the snitch!
Once our flying lessons were concluded we went off to explore the castle, we went inside it and saw the state rooms and some of their collections. We did more exploring and went to the medieval world of Knight's Quest, [1389]  where we were able to join resident knights and ladies and dress up in medieval finery.

in another part of the knight's quest area there was traditional craft stations, they offer different crafts each day, we were able to make our own soap.

After that, we visited the dragons quest, we had been to something similar a while back in Monterrey, MX. so I didn't take many pictures in there.

Before leaving we took a final group pic with the castle.

I definitely recommend a day trip to Alnwick, if you're thinking of going, I suggest you buy your tickets online and receive a 10 % discount, and if you live in the UK you can validate it for free re entry for 12 months.
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