Cooking for Many

A homemade meal!


During our 15 day trip I was happy, happy that I didn't have to cook for a looong time, but now that we're back I gotta say that I sure did miss it.  During our stay in Italy we only ate lasagna once, our first day in Rome. I kept looking for places that served a good portion that wasn't so expensive (in Florence) but couldn't find one, so I was left craving it. The day we got home I decided to have this for dinner, along with a salad and garlic bread. 

 I knew lasagna was the best choice since it is an easy dinner, I just put it in the oven and waited, not much precooking on my end!

The next day for lunch I decided to make spaghetti and chicken with broccoli, served with lettuce. 

Once it was time to eat I couldn't help but say I missed it.  

Sometimes I don't feel like cooking, but other times I have these tasty lunch ideas that I do it without complaining!

Also, a while back I had asked y'all if you had any recipes fit for four people, since the most I cook for is 3. Thank you to those who sent meal ideas via email :) I ended up not needing to cook that much extra when my sister was here since she eats very little, less than me so that was good, I just added an extra side item to help what I already cook be enough.

But then two days after we got back from our trip our friend Chuy came to visit (from Monterrey) and I had to cook for 5!!  The first day I prepared baked ziti, but I did it in a bigger baking dish, with more pasta than usual. and when served with a salad it was enough for all of us.

The next day we did a bbq, which we started at around 1 pm.. paused it from 3-4:30 (we had to go to the store to buy more coal, meat and beers) and went on until it got dark, which is around 10:30 pm.

When Chuy was here we did need more food than with just my sister, but he cooks so he helped with that. 

It is bittersweet now that both of them are gone. I would say we have to get back to our routines but Avi has 3 weeks off from kita as of next Monday, Pablo is working on his thesis, and I will start my job search and sending applications, so we might have to start a new one.

For now we have to get into summer mood, hopefully we can visit the beach one day or something.


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