Meal Plan Monday

A Meal planned out.


Wow the things I find.

So the other day I was surfing the web and bumped into a Monday link up called #MealPlanMonday. Today will be my first day joining, if you're visiting my blog via the link up let me know so I can see your meal plan for the week!  I usually go shopping every third day, we have a small fridge so can't hold a lot of food. I usually buy what I need for three to five meals. 

What I noticed with these meal plans is that they usually include one meal per day; I do two! haha so for this week I'll just post what i've done this past weekend, what i have in the fridge and what I plan on buying and/or preparing.

What I did over the weekend:
L - Hot dogs served with cheese balls
D - Self made Pizza
L - Cooked separately Ziti
D - (Buffalo) Chicken Nuggets with Mac&Cheese

What I currently have:
L -  Chilaquiles w/chicken
D - Tacos de Picadillo

What I plan on buying/preparing:
L - Ground Beef
D - Chicken Breasts
L - Chicken with veggies
D - Hamburgers w/fries
L - 
D - 
L - 
D - 

I didn't write anything for Thursday or Friday since I usually buy maximum 3 days worth of food, and we usually always eat the same thing (beef, chicken, pizza) what I change is the method of preparation. 

My go-to for Hackfleisch (ground beef) is
Baked Ziti
Picadillo (Mexican version)

My go-to for Hähnchen Brust-filets (Chicken Breasts) is:
sauteed with veggies
with pesto
shredded (for chilaquiles)
Chicken salad

As I was going through her blog I saw a post about kids helping out in the kitchen I think I had previously mentioned this in one of my posts, but i'm thinking of enforcing this! They call it a kids cooking camp & it varies on the age. I'll think about it, for sure for sure what I need is to stop using the oven, these past couple of days have been extremely hot! 

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