A London tour.


Hello & Happy Sunday to you!! We are more than half way done with July, only eleven days left, how was it been treating you? Lol, I'm in a good mood today & I will continue writing about our recent trip to London! I feel that even though the Harry Potter tour was better, I will post this one first since it happened first. 

The New London tour lasted a little close to 3 hours and started at Covent garden. Our group was awesome, but I don't know if it was because our guide, Steph, made us introduce ourselves to someone on the tour we didn't know (we were all talking with each other instead of the usual mind your own and walk) or because everyone was around my age (haha, not really, a little younger) but still it felt nice.

We walked through different alleys, one of which is an inspiration for diagon alley in Harry Potter (aren't they all?). 

She totally tricked us and took us through a really pretty one we were all taking pictures and once we passed it she points to another one and says "there it is."

And then we walked towards St. Martin-in-the-Fields, and saw the statue of sir major general henry Havelock, from afar since it is in the middle of a plaza which was hosting the west end live 2014. 

Then we walked through here:

... There's a nose on one of the columns:

We kept walking and came to the most luxurious gentleman's club there is. 

(Which happened to have a sort of car exposition at its feet)

Then witnessed the changing of the guards/horse guards.

And walked towards Buckingham palace (leider, die königin war nicht da).

We did some more walking, visited more spots and then reached The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben..

The tour concluded at Westminster Abbey.
All in all it was a good day, hope you enjoyed reading this Recap of our walking tour.  Yes, I will be posting a lot of these since we did one in most cities we visited.

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