A tour around edinburgh.


Here we are back in Hamburg and like I said I would be, I am so far behind on my posts, I am slowly going to try to get all caught up, posting my travel updates on tuesdays and or sundays. today is the first time I link up with the #sundaytraveler, it'll be nice to catch up with other travelers during the week!

Today's post is about what we saw in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Edinburgh was a really pretty city I liked the stories I heard about it, the castle (even though we didn't get to go up to it), the food (talk about finding Frank's Red Hot in the supermarket), and our hostel room, it had a kitchen and sauna in the bathroom.. okay fine, maybe not an actual sauna, but it was hottt in there! There sure was a lot of good things happening here!

We arrived to Edinburgh (or Edinbvrgh as paula, our tour guide called it) a little before 11 am on June 18th. We then went to the hotel, stopping on the way for food [Subway for the win]. After checking in and getting settled we walked to the center and found our tour meeting point.

As far as I know, this is my first post that includes Sandeman’s Free Walking Tour:
It is basically a 2.5 hour walking tour taking you through important landmarks in the city you are visiting. Currently they offer tours in 18 different cities Click here to find out where. Best of all, it is free, you tip the tour guide on what you think the tour was worth without going over your budget. Tours in most cities are twice daily at 1100 and 1400.
There are a lot of great, historic sights included in the tour: here are most of them:

Edinburgh Castle

It is at the top of the Royal Mile overlooking the town. it was built on an old volcano and has a great view of the city, or so I've heard, we unfortunately were unable to go up.

St Giles’ Cathedral

Inside this cathedral you will find an angel playing the bagpipes, interesting right? Here's an up close picture:

Other interesting stops we made included:

Mercat Cross

Greyfriars Kirkyard (cemetery)

All the "trash" at the foot of the headstone is actually gifts that are left for bobby.

Greyfriars Bobby

The original ‘Hogwarts

The tour also included a stop at the inspiration for Hogwarts, George Heriot’s School which is a wonderful old building, established in 1628 through a bequest from George Heriot who was the goldsmith to Anne of Denmark (wife of James VI).

Overall, I don't know what it was, maybe it was our tour guide Paula, the fact that this was our first SANDEMANs free tour in english or the city itself, but this tour is my favorite yet.
Until next time,

Have you taken any walking tours, which was your favorite?

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