A look around the city.


I didn't get to upload a travel post yesterday since I went to the HMM in Eppendorf, but you can find my guest post on Cosmos Mariners, it is about a walking tour around Hamburg, hope you enjoy it!
I marked the first six stops.
Yesterday we were traveling a long way via bus and it got me thinking, if I continue going to these weekly meetings and they are in a different part of the city, maybe I could do a little review about it so my readers could see more of the city we currently live in.  
Yesterday in particular we passed the Neue Flora, the theater in which Das Phantom der Oper is playing.
I saw a lot of nice buildings around it which I had never noticed since I hadn't really visited the area, I've only gone to the theatre twice (for the 1st dress rehearsal and the galapremiere).  Here are some pictures from my visits.
This was actually our first date night in HH, after almost a year of living here

Me with the chandelier at the premiere
Me, Rachel & Ginny

with Mathias Edenborn (the Phantom)
with Nicky Wuchinger (Raoul)

I really do think I need to go back and share the pictures of the area with y'all, after all, we don't know how much longer we'll be living in Hamburg.  One thing for sure is I don't think I will be able to know a part of the city or it's history by myself.  I should research more on this before committing!  [The Neue Flora picture belongs to Rachel, she is currently Carlotta in Das Phantom der Oper, you can find her on facebook.]           :)

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