A London recap


When visiting London for the first time you want to be prepared. In our case we only had three days to explore this city and wanted to make the most of it. We got to visit many different areas and some were even visited twice.

Kathryne made me a detailed guide for our trip. With a short survey she made it fit to what we liked and wanted to see in each city.  We definitely took advantage of it and were guiding ourself with it as soon as we arrived.

Our first full day there we took SANDEMANs New London Tour, which is the same one as the one we took in Prague & Edinburgh, but that'll be in a separate post. 

During our free time (not with guides) in London we walked around the London Bridge and took pictures with the Tower bridge.
Our hotel was in Greenwich, it was two stops away from London bridge when taking southeastern.
Of course we wouldn't miss out on the fun and took a picture with the telephone booth with the big ben in the background.
What I liked about London is that the general collections in all public museums are free to the public, but we didn't fully take advantage of this. The only Museum we did visit was the British Museum, and took pictures of the original Rosetta Stone, and with a copy!
We walked towards the Tower of London and searched for souvenirs at a nearby gift shop.

After one of the tours we went on over to kings cross station and visited platform 9 3/4, both the store and the actual one.

On Sunday we took LONDON WALKS' Harry Potter London Tour, I will also do a separate post for this tour so stay tuned.

Have you been to London? 
What did you like best about the city?

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