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letzten Tag der Arbeit


Casamundo on  26. Juli 2013
My last day of work was Wednesday  but since I got sick (gastroenteritis) I was unable to attend.. so my real last day of work was Monday!

Anyways last week before I got transfered to happycar.de  I had asked my workmates if they wanted me to take lunch for my last day of work as the abschiedsessen..  (since its a tradition to take something to share, usually sweets or so) I offered them Chili dog, Mexican style.. they said yes, except for two of them that are Vegans and decided to make chili sin carne con tofu. 
I ended up changing the day to Friday instead of wed. and well.. it was a total success :) The food came out delicious, everybody enjoyed it!

As a goodbye present they got me a "I <3 Hamburg" coffee mug some chocolates and a postcard signed by them.. one of the chocolate is flavored "Chili Kirsch" (cherry chili) it is actually a bit spicy.. I can't believe they complain about our tamarindo candies if they have spicy chocolate WTH!

mein letzter Tag
Last days of work are usually not like that, tell me how you spent yours (if ever).

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