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8 things to pack to keep your child entertained
It is always a good thing to bring extra items to keep your child entertained, whether it's for keeping them distracted while traveling, or a stay in a hospital. Avi had surgery done yesterday, thank God everything went fine, in fact, the area that was operated was even smaller than we had foreseen, that's always a good thing, right? Now we just have to wait for it to heal and take extra care so she doesn't end up with that much of a scar. 

We will be spending the next five days in the hospital, but this time I came prepared. I brought a bunch of snacks and activity books for her to keep entertained, since she won't be able to get off of the bed in a while. In the backpack you will find similar items to what I will be packing in her carry on backpack when we travel in three weeks!

The backpack is filled with:

8 things to pack to keep your child entertained

- Comic book/coloring book
- Phone/iPod with age appropriate games what she uses most is mainly the electronics, 
- Mandala creator --it was a gift she got from the nurses on her birthday, and its perfect for traveling since it has a little box to store everything.
- Travel checkers -- good because she can play against mom or dad. :) 
- Goody bag --For traveling I wouldn't pack only candies in the goodie bag, as a matter of fact it would probably be only snacks, but since the hospital provides certain snacks I brought the sweets.
- Camera --I want her to grow up with a love for photography and we get see the her capturing something she likes. so it's a win-win.
(- Not pictured: brush and rubber bands)

This a list of what keeps my five year old happy and entertained, I know of a couple of things missing from here, but since we are in a children's hospital we don't need to bring the same things we would to keep her entertained on an airplane.

8 things to pack to keep your child entertained

If you travel with children, is your list similar to this one? Or as an adult is this basically what's in your bag, but with a different version (ex: magazine instead of comic, etc)?

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