(ich habe) Make up gekauft


Hallo liebe, letzte woche habe ich neu makeup gekaut. ich freue mich sehr... and I don't know if that's right, so I will be continuing this post in english; 

I bought some new make up last week and during the next couple of weeks I will be trying out and reviewing my new make up, I had been looking for a lipstick, and while searching for a good one I decided that I needed more than that, so I decided to buy me a whole set of make up.
ANGELIC BEAUTY GLAM UP (Make-up) SET from Douglas.

So far I've only used the pink palette and one of the lipsticks. The eye shadow stays on, and is not too light, I liked that, I hope they're all the same, I'm specially excited to try a smoky eye with the dark ones!

What lipstick do you recommend?


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