Frühlingsfest ins Meyer's Park.


I am anxious for it to be June already, my little sister will be coming for a visit! I miss everyone so much and well, while we have seen familiar faces since we got here I'm excited that she'll be here for a whole month, it's also cool that she'll be bringing me a lot of stuff, hehe.

yesterday Avi's Kita (kindergarten) had their "spring festival" at a park in the city and it was really nice, we got there a bit late because of our hectic bus schedule, but it's okay, we didnt miss much. 

In the paper above it says that everyone should cooperate by bringing something. I decided to take pasta, since everybody had signed up for bread (cake, cookies, etc.). turns out more people from the other class had also put down pasta or rice.. there was a lot of variety and it awesome (to me) because not everyone is German, so there was different cuisine cultures. I tried a little bit of everything. my favorite was a couscous prepared with I don't know what, but it had some croutons that were extra buttery and very delicious! I wish I could find out who made it so they could give me the recipe!

They all sang and danced, and then did a little hunt for some goodies, after that the buffet was open and after eating they played in the playground.

and well, tomorrow we'll be doing a BBQ in our yard, fingers crossed the day is as nice as today has been! we went shopping today to get everything and our fridge is fully stocked! I hope a lot of people can come. :)

Bis spaeter!

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