Pallm Sunday


I haven't shared much on the blog ever since I posted about our first trip of the year, were we went from Hamburg to Schwerin in a day, and that's because we haven't really done much else, a lot of being at home and just going to school.

Until this weekend that is.

Yesterday Evie spent the night with us. It was fun for Avi, she was really excited, she had everything all ready for both of them. and we went together to drop her off with her mom in the city center. From there Pablo, Avi and I proceeded to go to church,

Church was fun.  they had something special prepared for palm sunday. It included a pre-mass talk and blessing of the "palms." After that the kids did different activities; such as listening to a story being told and learning a song.  We decided to stay with Avi since it was the first time she went with the kids and we didn't know how it worked.
Another activity Avi took part in was decorating a bouquet of branches with leaves. She was having a blast choosing different colors for hers. After all the kids finished making their bouquets thy sat in a circle and sang two more times, this time "dancing along" with their bouquets  

After they finished this we went back to church, where the children stood in front of the altar and sang their newly learned song.

Overall it was really pretty, I'm bummed we didn't get to actually hear mass, but we got the kids version of it. I'm so excited for Easter, already got a present for me, and I'm going to be doing a basket of goodies for Avi, and something for Pablo as well.

Where will you be spending Easter this year?
Bis später,

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