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What we did in Scharbeutz, Germany


If you happen to be in Hamburg for an extended stay during the summer I definitely recommend taking a day trip to visit a beach. I mean, the days are long, it's super hot, and there's no a/c. What better reason do you need?  There are many beaches in and around Hamburg & there is also the option to go to a Freibad (swimming pool, but we haven't visited one yet, so I don't have any recommendations).

Scharbeutz Strand is super cool!

Last July during Avi's ferienwoche we went to Scharbeutz Strand (which back then I called Scherbatsky because I could never remember the name).  I wrote a recap about the whole week and mentioned this trip on that post, you can find pictures there too.
It was the first time I visited the beach in Germany,  we had previously been to Scheveningen in Holland, but we didn't go in the water because it was still cold.
We bought the Schleswig-Holstein Ticket, [it is valid in the state of Hamburg for a day] it covered us all the way to Scharbeutz and back. Once we arrived in Scharbeutz we walked, it seemed like the best option, and it wasn't that far.
How to get from Scharbeutz HBF to the Public beach
I didn't take any pictures of the city, but walked the trail highlighted on the map above all the way to the beach.

Once we arrived we rented a "Strandkorb" (beach basket).
The first time we rented a beach basket (Strandkorb)

This was the first time I had ever heard of this, I really didn't see a point to it at first, but since we didn't take a beach umbrella or anything it was okay. it turns out those things are really useful, they give you shade and they block the wind!
Many beach baskets (Strandkorb)

The Ocean in Scharbeutz
The water was a little to cold for my liking, but Avi and Rosa were in there just fine. 

So overall you can expect:

  • There are many little shops.
  • To have a good time.
  • Cold water, maybe? 
  • If traveling by train, you can get off at any city and take a look around, some of them might surprise you!
Have you been here before, or any beach in Germany?

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