My four year old cut her hair.


Like the title says, Avi cut her hair! 

The last time I cut her hair was last December, and this summer when it was time to cut it again she decided she didn't want bangs anymore and would rather let them grow. It took me a while but I agreed to let them grow out, I didn't want to, since I think they make a child look cute, but whatever, she didn't want them anymore.  

We were on a roll, they were half as long as the rest of her hair.
08 August 2014
Two sundays ago she came to me asking for help with a doll, she had cut the pull string on it and needed my help to fix it. As I was trying to help her Pablo asks her to go over to him so he could see what she had done, I got distracted when I saw her hair and wasn't able to grab the pull string in time to be able to fix it, she cut her bangs! 

When I asked her why she did it she said it was because her hair kept getting in her face and it was bothering her.  I told her that in reality there was no need to cut it she should've told me and I would have done something with it. We told her not to touch the scissors ever again!

What to do when a four year old cuts her hair?
  1. You can part more hair and cut her more bangs to cover the short hairs.
  2. Cut it all the same length even if it's super short.
  3. Leave it as it is, and when it grows more cut it evenly.
  4. Do nothing, leave it as it is and take plenty of pictures to remind her of this, so she doesn't do it again.

As you can see in the picture, she cut it super unevenly, with the left side being shorter than the right. 

From my list, I opted out for options number three and four.  All we have to do now is wait for it to grow! 

Has this ever happened to you/your kid?

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