Meal Plan Monday

Why I Meal Plan (& this weeks Menu)


As thinking for a menu plan this week I thought back to what I ate this past week,and why I Meal Plan. 

I mentioned this the first time I posted my menu plan on the blog and I'll say it again, right now I buy enough food to prepare 3/4 meals each time I go to the supermarket thanks to the size of our fridge (it's small with an even smaller freezer) and this is the case in many of the apartments in Gemrany, especially those studying here, so having a meal plan is good for me, 

Why I meal plan, and you should too.

- It's a good way of watching what you eat.
- To always be prepared, not having to worry about coming up with something to eat last minute.
- It comes in handy when it's time to go to the store, you have a list of what you need so you don't have to overspend.
- I find inspiration for new recipes (I usually go through the link up and get many recipes from other participants).I wouldn't have tried otherwise.
- Save money by not eating out as often (or at all)..
- Spend time with family at the table.

How to Meal Plan.

- Create a menu planning sheet, I use this one.
- Ask your family what they'd like to eat and add it to the menu.
- Stick to theme days (you'll notice on mine, we usually eat Tacos on Tuesday and Pizza on Fridays, etc)
- Check your local grocery store papers, and set your menu around what you find, if you have to, shop at a different stores.
Create a price list Since I usually buy the same items I know how much they cost and can tell if the "deal" is a good one.

Little by little I've been expanding my cooking and what we eat at home, last week I ate three new meals:

- Last Saturday my friend Rachel invited us for dinner to her house where we enjoyed a nice Greek dinner
- Monday a friend invited Avi & me over so the kids could play after school and she had some Syrian style Artichokes with rice and veggies prepared. 
- Friday we had another play date and she had prepared lunch for us, it was something from her country, Thailand, it was a goulash and she gave me the recipe, I will try to make it later and post it on here! 

Here's my Menu Plan for the week:

Pizza & Bratkartoffel
Hot dogs and mashed potatoes
Bolognese strudel *
tuna cake and bratkartoffel
Chicken burgers
kartoffelauflauf with tuna
Left overs
Bratwurst with mango curry sauce
Romanian style Beef soup (**)
Homemade pizza

Fri & Sat:  
Are yet to be determined, I will plan them out before I go grocery shopping of course.

To tell you the truth, I'm really enjoying all these homemade meals that are not made by me, I get to taste something new without 'eating out 'don't you love this or 

are you one who loves to host lunches/dinners?

** UPDATE: Thursday, we had a play-date with my friend Alexandra and her daughters, we spent the day out and ate at her house (both a late lunch and dinner). It was delicious!

* this is a first time recipe, I'll be sharing it with you later. :)

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