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I haven't really been posting the menu plan online, let's say I skipped the last two weeks, especially since my cooking is so repetitive, I thought it would annoy any readers that I just kept cooking the same thing.  For example, I went shopping today and for the next couple of days we will be eating:

  • Ground Beef (I don't know yet how I'll prepare it)
  • Pizza 
  • Lasagna 
  • Frikadellen

Nothing new. So, I will be changing it up a bit, and this week instead of sharing what I'll be making, I'll be posting what Avi will be eating for lunch at Kita (Kindergarten). This week's menu:
Montag [Mon]Spinat mit Rührei und kartoffeln // ApfelmusSpinach with scrambled eggs and potatoes // applesauce
Dienstag [Tue]Hühnerfrikasee mit Reis // QuarkspeiseChicken fricassee with rice // Junket [quark dessert]
Mittwoch [Wed]Pellkartoffeln mit Quark und Zuckermais // PuddingBoiled potatoes with cottage cheese and sweetcorn // pudding
Donnerstag [Thur]kürbiscremesuppe mit Brot // Joghurtpumpkin cream soup with bread // yogurt
Freitag [Fri]Salat // Nudelauflauf mit Tomatensoßelettuce // Noodle casserole with tomato sauce

For more lunch/dinner ideas you can check out either of these tasty link ups:

What are you having?

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