Pablo's Birthday and this weeks plan.


October is a couple of days away and I hadn't posted a single menu plan this month, I had been keeping track of everything, I just wasn't sharing it here on the blog. This past weekend was special since Pablo celebrated his 27th birthday yesterday.  
Saturday he attended a seminar that a friend from Monterrey was giving at his University, after that we went to eat with him and some other Mexican attendees. We ended the night with a couple of beers at the Harburg Wein Fest.

Sunday was Verkaufsoffener Sonntag (open sale Sunday). but we started the day at my friends house where we ate a cake we had made on friday, and left there to be refrigerated since ours is too small.. Then we went to a Mall and spent the day there.

In regards to what we're eating:

I'm still sticking to the usual, but a neighbor offered to take me 'grocery' shopping and show me which meats to buy since the only one I trust myself buying is ground beef.

I'm still working on expanding my cooking and what we eat at home, here's this week's menu plan, starting from last Saturday since my food budget goes from sat - fri.

27.09 - 03.10LunchDinner
SaturdaySpaghetti & 'picadillo'Ate out.
SundayAte out (Pablo's Birthday Lunch)Tacos.
MondayPork medallionsCurrywurst
TuesdayKäse Makkaroni w/chickenPizza
ThursdayTacosChicken Parm
FridayGround BeefMac & Cheese w/ Chicken Nuggets

I hope this menu plan sounds tasty enough to tempt you into trying one of these recipes, I was going through the link up and pinned a couple that grabbed my attention, and from those, last week I made:

A version of this Chicken Parm.

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