Day Trip

Unexpected destination: Schwerin.


I'm linking up to Travel Tuesday today and since it is the first one of the month it is prompted. and today's prompt is: unexpected destinations.

Last year we went to Berlin with the schönes wochenende ticket and we had to change trains around half way there. We just took our train and continued on with our trip. Later that year a friend posted pictures of a castle in that same little town we had changed trains in.

I knew we just had to go visit. 

This February, a friend came to Hamburg for work, so we decided we would take a day trip to Schwerin along with some other friends. 

The city itself is really peaceful, it is slow paced not all fast like a big city, while there is a tram and buses it is very walkable.

The main item on our list was the castle, which was built between 1845 and 1857, but the first records of a castle at this location date from AD 973

It is very pretty and totally worth the detour if you're travelling through this part of Germany. It was definitely an unexpected destination. 

It's like a 15 walk from the train station to the castle. and you can walk around the castle, maybe go inside, or visit the nearby museum, depending on opening hours, 

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