Avi's Baptism.


September marks the month of many anniversaries in our family, As a flashback post I figured I'd go back and share some pictures with you from Avi's Baptism 4 years ago this month. Especially since I hadn't shared this here, only in my spanish blog.

September 17th, 2010.

We didn't have special invitations made, my cousin helped me out with what I wanted as the invitation image and we sent it via an evite. It was a beautiful (shared) ceremony, but the cool thing is that it was only two kids, and it was a small chapel so we filled it up. :)

We were accompanied by many family members, including some out of town guests that had come for Pablo's grandparents 60th wedding anniversary, which was that same morning..
With our parents.
Then after, we had a nice little party. My dad cooked an amazing meal, my friend Dany (owner of Dulce Motivo) made the awesome cake (each tier was a different flavor), my aunt helped with some beautiful pictures and my Mother in law helped us with the wonderful party favors.
Dulce Motivo

More pictures of our guests with my baby.


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