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Back to School traditions


Back to School Traditions.
I'm getting nostalgic reading all the "back to school" tradition posts, and as our last day of pre-k and first day of Kindergarten approaches, I don't know if i'm nervous or excited.  We're taking a step closer to reach #classof2028, even though that is not how things are done here, I just want other class of 2028 moms to reach out! Hint, hint.

The first day of school is done differently here than what i'm used to,from what I can remember,  I'll post more on that once the day finally comes. For now, I will tell you what some of my traditions are for this special day and some ideas I would love to incorporate..

Back to School Shopping

I love going shopping for new school supplies, new clothes (especially for the first day of school outfit), and backpack.

Meet the Teacher 

I used to like going to "meet the teacher" day, it was a fun way to see who I got as a teacher and who my classmates were, as I got older to see if my friends were with me or not. I already know who Avi's teacher is going to be (they told me when I went to confirm our spot) but she has yet to meet them #ExcitingTimes.

Back to School Picture

Take a picture on our way out of the house, these are great to look back to as the years go by. We used to do these when we were little and I would love to continue with Avi. 

Back to School Interview

I will print out and make a little book for Avi to fill out each year from now until she graduates. It will be a great way to record what she likes and to see how her handwriting changes as she grows!


It is a German tradition to celebrate a child's first day of school with a giant paper cone {called a schultüte} full of treats (small gifts, candies, etc) that the children get to carry with them throughout the first day of school ceremonies and instruction and open it at the end of the day.

I made one for her two years ago because I didn't know it was mainly for first graders, but she opened it at home and was really happy with what was inside. This year I will be buying/making a small one since that is generally what kindergartners get.

Things I'd like to start are:

A Back to School Party

I would love to do this, whether it's with my expat friends with kids the same age, or kids from Avi's kita, Having a back to school party would be a great way to celebrate.

Back to School Breakfast

A special breakfast for her on her first day of school.

What is/was your favorite back to school or first day of school tradition?

First day of School

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