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Travel Fail from Füssen to Munich.


Today I'm linking up with travel Tuesday with Sara's prompt of:

"Although traveling can provide some of the best experiences/memories, it’s not ALWAYS fun and games. What is your worst travel experience? Or most embarrassing experience? Or biggest #travelfail? Where were you and what happened?"

...with the most recent travel fail.
We spent this past Sunday isiting Füssen and the castles there (mainly Neuschwanstein) and it was a great day (more on that in a future post). We decided to head back to Munich no later than 7pm. By the time we got to the bus stop, to head to the train station, it was 7:05 and we had to wait around 10 minutes for the next one. We took it and arrived at the train station at 7:25 and saw that the next train was at 8:33. The sad news is that it was not a direct train, we would have to change twice, in _ and Geltendorf.

But anyways, we had to wait an hour and were going to arrive at Munich's central station at 10:30 pm, so we decided to go grab something to eat. We started walking around until we found something good, bought it, walked back and ate on the train.

This train was to last an hour, which it did. While we were there we had a ticket inspector come and he also (re)explained the changes we needed to do to get to munich.

We got off on _and crossed the platform to take the second train. This train was cool, like the ones in Italy, better yet like the Hogwarts Express 😉, we got our own private compartment/cabin. We got off at the last stop and had to wait 5-10 minutes for the s-bahn that would take us to Munich.

Finally we're on the last one when all of a sudden it stops and they announce that we should get off and change trains. Of course when this happened nobody had a clue of why. I started checking and saw that the next one was at 10:51, but it wasn't showing on the screen. We were all worried because we didn't know what the heck was up.

Then the driver or somebody announced that we had to change to a bus that would take us to the station. On the bus we were talking with some dude who mentioned that this happened because they were working on the rails. I had said that I thought this happened because it was 11 pm on a Sunday. #wrong. Turns out this bus would only take us to Pasing which was five train stations away (around 15-20 minutes) and we would take another train from there.

We ended up getting to said station an hour later and we made it to the hotel at 00:30. sometimes you get affected by the littlest thing which was our case, without knowing it.

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Wow that was long, did you read it to the end; has anything like that happened to you?

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