A Visit From the Tooth Fairy


Avi's first loose tooth had been loose for a while, I took a picture of her when it was first loose since I didn't know when it would fall off. and we waited. She was excited, because she had seen in a peppa pig episode that the tooth fairy would bring her a shiny coin.. when she told me about it she said "I can't wait to eat my coin!"  I told her that the coin the tooth fairy would leave is not a chocolate coin, but rather, real money that she could save for our trip to Charlotte, potentially Orlando, in December and she can buy herself a souvenir or something cool.

It took a couple of weeks but finally, on November 1st, three days before her sixth birthday, it fell out. Here's how it happened: She had been wiggling it with her tongue, even after we had told her not to. But on Sunday morning as soon as she woke up she wiggled it and the tooth just fell out. She comes running to our bedroom to let us know, and I ask her where all the blood was, silly me-if the tooth is meant to fall out there's no blood. 

We went on with our day, she could finally eat without it hurting, but not completely, we had burgers for lunch at a friends house, and Avi was not able to eat the bread (they weren't burger buns, but rather typical German "brot" (bread). so she ended up eating only the patty, which she still enjoyed.

We decided we wanted to keep the tooth. A friend recommended we write a letter and sign it. At night, before going to bed, I helped her write a letter to the tooth fairy asking if she could keep her tooth and she drew a cute picture of her and the fairy.

We wanted the tooth fairy to leave something special not just money, but we didn't have anything to offer. Pablo joked that we didn't have enough time to prepare for this. haha. but for sure I'll be all over pinterest for the next one!

When she woke up she looked under her pillow and saw some money but not the tooth.. "where's the tooth!?" she asked me and I responded by asking her where she put a little box she wanted to keep the tooth in and she showed me and saw that the tooth fairy had obliged and left her teeny tiny tooth in it.

She was a little sad she didn't receive chocolate coins, but happy with her money.

Do you have any special Tooth Fairy traditions?
Can you guess how much the tooth fairy left?

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