Avi's sixth birthday.


Six days ago, Avi turned six. This is her third birthday we celebrate in Germany and the second time we got to throw her a birthday party with a multicultural set of friends.

We had the party at an indoor "playground" we had visited a couple of times before for her friends' parties. when you reserve your table you let them know how many guests you are expecting. On the day of the party you arrive, you pay for the guests and then they tell you which tables are yours. you have to take everything. Pro's and cons to thism you can decorate however you want and you can take whatever food you'd like.

It is a big place with a bunch of different activities, forcing active play.  including: A sand pit, a bouncy thing, and more, here are some pictures of the party:

The place

The food

You could say this was the first party I ever did and threw by myself. so just for fun I'm adding in the amount of money I spend on the food I bought for the party (even if I didn't use all of what I bought) that'll just go into this week's meal plan.

Chicken salad ( a la mexican)

Chicken Thighs    2.29 €
Potatoes               1.09 €
Carrots                 0.65 €
1 Can of peas       0.59 €
Mayonnaise         0.85
The first time I ever make this and it came out pretty darn good!

Marshmallows and Apples Salad (also a la mexican)

I forgot to take a picture of the ingredients I used and the finished product, I was just to excited about it! Hopefully I don't forget next time! I used my recie... with the same ingredients I listed on there.
Apples                                     2.50 €
1 can pineapple                     0.69 €
1 bag pecans (or walnuts)    2.99 €
2 cans creme fraiche            2x0.46 €
1 cup raisins                           1.59 €
1/2 a bag marshmallows       1.29 €

(Bow tie) pasta salad with feta, arugulaand dried tomatoes (a la German)

I added:
1 package 'butterfly' pasta         0.79 €
1 jar sun dried tomatoes             1.29 €
1 Pck. Feta cheese, diced          1.69 €
100ml olive oil                              Pantry
2 bunches of Arugula                   0.89
...but you can check out this recipe and add more stuff to make it even better.

The Piñata

After singing happy birthday I re gathered all of the kids and we went outside to break the piñata. It was the first time many of these kids got to break one. one of them cried, but her mom helped her through it. and the rest (including me) had fun.. At the end I end up just shaking the candies out of the pinata and the kids ran for them!


How do we break a piñata in Germany?
...Excuse us when we talk loudly near the microphone, but here are the kids at Avi's party hitting the piñata.. Some parts are very funny though, so watch it to the end.
Posted by Diana Longoria on Thursday, November 12, 2015
You might notice that i'm wearing the same dress I wore at our Oktoberfest party and that's because Avi chose it for me, she wanted me to be Elsa too.. we kinda matched <3 (she in white and me in black)!

This being an "expat" birthday party, I'm linking up with Travel Tuesday.

Have you celebrated a birthday abroad?

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