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Why we booked a last minute trip to Munich.


Postcard from Munich - booking a last minute trip

Booking a last minute trip to Munich

Munichis one of the most visited cities in Germany, and with reason! It's on a lot of people's bucket lists, and had been on mine since we first moved to Germany, Neuschwanstein castle too. When my cousin came this summer with a couple of extra days for a trip to wherever we chose, I insisted we go to there.

Even though I was the one who proposed it I was also dumb enough to not book it months in advance, #my bad.  Getting there was going to be a tough choice, I did not know what would be best. I searched every option, car-sharing, bus, plane and train.   
I found out that bus was the cheapest option (at 27 euros per person), but I didn't book it. I was still debating it, since we still didn't have a place to stay. All the hotels/hostels that I had found were at at least 400 euros for 3 nights. The next day I was about to book the bus tickets when I found another option where the four of us would pay under 50 euros, and I booked it. 
downtown munich
I loved walking around Munich, we took the free walking tour, like we do when we visit a new city.
olympia park in munich
We had three full days in Munich. Enought ot take a day trip to visit the most famous castle in Germany, Neuschwanstein, you might remember me mentioning our ride back was not as simple as it should have been, with over 4 trains and a bus from Fussen to Munich.
While in Munich we splurged on food more than anything, but we had a very nice stay. I'm glad we finally got to go, our next goal is to go next September, so we can attend Oktoberfest. 

What we paid throughout our trip:

Hamburg to Munich via an overnight bus on Megabus:   49 Euros (four people)
AO Hostels Munich, room for a family of 3:                       249 Euros
Munich to Hamburg via overnight train(s):                         29 euros. (for two adults, Avi doesn't pay)
MVV group ticket (3 days, up to 5 people):                        28 euros
Bayern ticket (1 day, up to 5 people):                                  33 euros

What is the most last-minute trip you've taken?

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