Travel Tuesday

First Ward Park


Continuing with our December trip today and talking about what we did on December 27th! 

One of the main reasons my mom decided to go to Charlotte was to be with me on my birthday (and to see us, duh!). Naturally, I chose my birthday as the day we go visit First Ward Park. 

The one thing that motivated about visiting this park was this video:
The video made me feel like there was a lot to see. I convinced everybody we should go, they were a bit skeptical at first since they hadn't been there (or heard of it), But we had a nice time there, it did not disappoint.

We spent the afternoon here and even bumped into a nice German family (from Hannover) and chatted with them for a while about how they like it there and us Germany, while Avi played with their girls.

It was very nice, we had some great views of the city's skyline and the kids got to play around while we took pictures, win-win!

Welcome to travel Tuesday!

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Also, stay tuned next week, as I will begin sharing about our days in Orlando in January!

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