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A to Z 2016 reflections


Before today's post let me just mention, During March and April I participated in Solidarity Sisters, and I was paired up with Marissa from Called to Mothering.

As many of you already know, we moved to Germany because my husband received a scholarship to do his masters here. I rarely talk about what it's like being a mom here, and I took the plunge and participated in Marissa's Real Moms Real Challenges and talked about what it's like raising my child abroad, go read it-ASAP!
So this year's 2016 challenge went okay, if I remember correctly, I started out at #624 on the list and ended up on #477, that;s quite a few that dropped out.

All though I didn't publish 26 posts in April, I got close. There are some posts I will be publishing and adding to the list once I actually visit the places I'll be talking about!

Posts that could use more love:


General             2016       2015
Twitter                 849       586
Instagram             690       536
Pinterest             404       154
Facebook             380       66
Google +             178       115
Bloglovin             74       32
in General, I've been working on gradually increasing my following. This month a part from taking part in the A to Z Challenge I was also Co/Hosting the Travel Tuesday link up.

Twitter                  2016       2015
Tweets                   155       316
Tweet impressions   14.4K       10.8K
Profile visits             244       943
Mentions                    34       52
New followers           12        56

Other Participants

I enjoyed reading other participants posts, Here are some I think you should check out:
A to Z of Travel Journal Prompts: She will be taking the free printable away at the end of may, so hop over soon.
A to z of with love: Mandy took advantage of the challenge and provided insight into the places she visited, reviewing the hotels she stayed at, and telling her story.
A to Z of Places on Maui: Maui Jungalow took the opportunity to describe many places in Maui.
A to Z of Cruising: Although Sean only did to the letter G, his posts those eight tips on cruising were good reads.

Use an Index

One tip, I really enjoyed reading blogs that had an index, it makes it easier to find other posts related to the subject. Some bloggers just linked to previous posts to a letter at the bottom of the each new post.

In my opinion, it is better SEO if you put the link within keywords. I created a special A to Z Challenge page on my blog and then linked back to each post within it and added the link to this page at each post instead. If looking back through my A to Z posts you will see an image at the bottom of each post, it will send you to my index.

How'd you do with the challenge?

26 Things to do in Hamburg.

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