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Austria and Prague for Three, Please


It's my second time linking up with Wanderful Wednesday, and am excited to start sharing more about our recen trip to Austria and the Czech Republic.

We had been planing the trip for a while. Dany (my brother in law) was coming to Baden-Baden for work and since this guy loves his beer, we decided Prague was a must and since Vienna had been high on our list we took advantage of the trip and visit this lovely city.
We started looking into transportation options in March and Pablo found a good deal on Eurowings where it would cost 125 euros for the 4 of us to get from Vienna to Hamburg (on Apr 12) and booked it. A week after we booked it Dany let us know that his work trip had been postponed. :/ We checked online, and there wasn't anything we could do. Changing the flight date cost around 300 euros, so no thanks. We lost that money.

We waited and let him know that the best week for them to come in May was May 9-12, as every other week in May has at least one public holiday. This worked out well for us since Avi had the week after that (May 16-19) off from school.

We didn't book the tickets again until it was closer to the date and we were sure they weren't going to cancel/postpone it again. It was towards the end of April when I started looking into flights and hotel rooms. Flights to and from Prague or Vienna were above 80 euros per person, and since we were aiming for around 40 euros max those were all no-go's.

Using one of my favorite travel websites, I found a good deal for a flight from Hamburg to Salzburg via EasyJet. I did some calculations and it would cost the same to fly to Salzburg and take a train to Vienna than to fly directly to Vienna (and we could spend at least a day in a city we hadn't planned on visiting originally). As soon as I booked our flight to Salzburg I told Pablo that if for whatever reason the trip was postponed again we would go anyways, no buts about it.
Stay tuned later for more on our trip, a recap in less than a paragraph would be: we walked around Salzburg, took the hike up to the castle. We bought tickets for the hop on hop off bus in Vienna, and walked around Prague but stopped in many different places since the trip revolved around beer--poor Avi.

The Costs


We spent an average of 17 euros on meals, which is a bit higher than what we try to pay while on vacation, but I guess eating food from the region really made up for it. and around 200 euros on touristy stuff, like souvenirs, entrances, and tours.


Hamburg to Salzburg via EasyJet:          € 86.46
Salzburg to Vienna via Westbahn: € 54.00
Vienna to Prague via Flixbus: € 45.00
Overnight bus from Prague to Hamburg € 84.00
All above are split between three people, except for westbahn; that one cost us 26 Euros per adult and 2 euros for Avi.


in Salzburg: Atel Hotel Lasenhof (1 night): € 82.00
in Vienna: Apartments Maximilian: (3 nights): € 225.00
in Prague: Liliova Apartments (2 nights): € 119.00

I booked a double bed hotel in Salzburg, and Avi just slept with us, while the apartments in Prague and Vienna were for three people (the Prague apartment was a huge six bed apt so that was awesome)!

and to wrap it up, check out my snapchat recap video, if you're not following me yet you should @xxdinlo88 or pause it on my snapcode at the end and scan it with your phone.
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