Christmas Eve for me.


From one house to another, with food and more food, spending Christmas with the family can be a little hectic but we do it anyways. This year we spent Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas Day with Pablo's family.
We had a late lunch at Pablos parents house and then we were dropped off at my sisters place so we could go together to my grandma's house. It was over two years since I had seen everyone so we had a really nice re encounter.
The first part of Christmas Eve was spent with my mom's family, after spending some time with family members we hadn't seen in over two years (but we would be seeing again in a couple of days for my birthday!) we took off to my aunts house to meet up with my dad's side of the family. 

Overall, we had a great evening, fun for the kids! although, my little sister got a little upset that we didn't wait for her to break the pinata, after all, she's one of the young cousins.
We waited for midnight to kick in and we toasted to good health! After that we did our traditional white elephant gift exchange, followed by the real gift exchange. I really loved seeing my family, the night was filled with good food, laughter and plenty of drinks for everyone (even the little ones)!
Don't forget to stop by the blog tomorrow to wish me a Happy Birthday! ;)

How did you spend your Christmas Eve?

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