Bucket List

New York City Bucket List


In just four days we will be having an extended layover in this wonderful city. As far as I know there's an endless list of things to do while in NYC. I wish we could do them all, but we will only be here for an afternoon, I have to plan it out good, so i've decided to create a New York City Bucket List.

Brooklyn Bridge

If time permits, I want to take a walk across it, from here I should be able to take many pictures, some blurry some not. Especially of the Statue of Liberty, the Manhattan Bridge, the Empire State Building, and the skyline.

The Empire state building.

Can't go to New York city and not see the empire state building, I know there won't be enough time to go up but at least from the bottom!


View the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree as close as I can.
Christmas tree at Rockefeller center

A few other must-do's

Central Park.
Visit the 911 memorial.
Do a lot of walking.

This is a very short list but yet again. it's only an afternoon.  They say that the rockefeller and the empire state at night have breathtaking views, I don't know if we'll be going up any skyscrapers but i'll save that for a future date.

I might not have neough time to do everything but i'm going to ask anyway, is there anything else we should do during our 16 hour layover in NYC worth adding to our list? 

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