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Christmas in Arizona. #ChristmasAroundtheGlobe


Want to know what Christmas in Arizona is like? Look no further! Growing up I almost always spent Christmas in South Texas or visiting family in Mexico, so I know all about warmish Christmases. today Lauren is going to continue my 'Christmas around the Globe' series talking about Christmas in Arizona. Read on and if you like what you read show her some love by sharing this post.
Hello! Thanks to Diana for letting me crash her blog today! My name is Lauren and I blog at Life Love Lauren. I am a lifestyle blogger, I blog about food, home improvement, and just about life with my husband. Ever since getting together with my husband, travel has become something we invest in but we call Arizona home.

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I talk about it a lot on my blog. I have never spent a Christmas outside of the US, but even within America, here in the Southwest, our traditions are slightly different.
I am a nurse, so Christmas can be a holiday I have to work. At least I can encourage my husband to get things done while I am working long hours over the holidays. ;-)

In the Southwest there is no snow on the ground. We incorporate some Mexican traditions in with some classic American traditions. But no worries, we use salt too!

Tamales for instance are something we make for Christmas. Tamales are filled with meat and masa and wrapped in a corn wrapper. They are excellent!

Also in Southwest tradition, we light luminarias in addition to Christmas lights.

As for traditional, we put up trees (I even have a funny tree named Gus), go to church, open gifts, and eat a lot. As for fun and slightly different, I follow my mom's tradition of all appetizers for Christmas Eve dinner. Because come on... appetizers ROCK!
Taco ornaments anyone?!?

We watch Christmas movies, make cookies, and just have fun spending the holiday season with together.

So that in a nut shell is how we spend Christmas in Southwest United States! Here is to you and your family having a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season!

What are some of your favorite traditions?

Are any of our traditions the same?

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