Meal Plan Monday

Meal Plan for the week!


I didn't post last week's meal plan because I was feeling a little unmotivated, Pablo was home from work thanks to a flu-type illness, and Avi was also a little sick, she woke up Thursday morning with a fever and I had to go to the nearest Pharmacy and buy 'Kinder' Ibuprufen, because the doctor we had seen on Sunday only gave us nose drops, antibiotics but no tylenol. 

This week is a whole new week, Pablo is back at work and I can use his computer while he is there, I am glad to be back on here posting 'freely'.

Here's our mea' plan:

L -  Hot Dogs
Hot dogs

D - Hamburgers w/fries
What can I say, I like simple food, even if making the hamburgers is a little time consuming!

L - LasagnaLasagna for lunch
D - Tacos

L - If I can find sun dried tomatoes I will make a version of this recipe
D - Homemade Pizza
Buffalo Chicken Pizza

L - Leftovers

D - Chilaquiles
Chicken Chilaquiles

L - Tuna Cake
Tuna Cake

D - I'm still not sure, but it has to be something meatless, any recommendations?


Family Favorite, Baked Ziti
D - Frozen Pizza/s

L - Pollo Poblano, a Mexican dish I might be sharing on here.
Make a Mexican Dish in Germany.

D - Leftovers

I'm glad I am now able to plan a whole week's meals and not just for the next three days, even though we might repeat one of them later on in the week ...that is only because it was too good to be eaten once. If you're thinking of meal planning but haven't done it yet, you can check this post out, it has a lot of tips!

Also, I've signed up for the A to Z Challenge in case your interested in joining in. For now, I'm linking up with:

Moomy Run Fast Link up Org Junkie Link up  

What are you eating this week?

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