A to Z Challenge

A to Z Theme Reveal


As I mentioned last week, I have signed up to participate in the blog everyday from A to Z in April Challenge

It took me a while to decide whether I would or wouldn't participate... before I decided to join in I brainstormed ideas for each letter of the alphabet. I had almost all of them so I decided to do so. But then I changed my mind and re did my list, this time with a theme in consideration. I still have a couple of letters to fill, but I'm ready!

My A to Z theme for this year's A to Z challenge is:

Living abroad / Living in Germany.

 I've decided to blog about being an Expat, Life abroad.. but will begin with information About me.
Some of the topics will be Banks, Groceries, Knowledge, and a lot of randomness. Let's just hope I can complete the challenge without any accidents (like it happened in October).

I hope you enjoying following along. Check out the complete A to Z Theme and links to the posts.

What's your theme?

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