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How to travel safely.


A while back, I saw that SimpliSafe, a maker of wireless security systems, was encouraging everyone to spread the word about worry-free travel tips. We all know I love traveling and getting to visit new places, we are currently in Boston for the first time thanks to a conference Pablo is attending. So I figured I'd join in and talk about the ways I like to keep my trips worry-free.

Carry a universal travel adapter.

We bring one adapter and an extension cable with the outlets so we can charge all our devices without much worry.

Have a printed copy of your reservations.

You don't want to arrive in a city and not know the name of your hotel or it's location! And yes, that happened to us over in Rome. we got off the train and didn't have the hotel information on us... I don't want that happening again.

Book in advance.

The first thing I book for any trip is the flight followed by the hotel, then I usually like to book any excursions we might want to do. Doing so beforehand will help me avoid about not finding a good start it all the spots being taken.

I also like to make sure i don't worry about my home, While I'm away, I make sure I...

Close the windows

No matter what time of year it is, make sure all the windows are closed. Once we're back I open them all for at least five minutes to air it out.


Before we leave I have to make sure there isn't anything in the fridge that can go bad. And if there is I try to use it up the day before we leave and what we don't I throw it out.

Take out the trash

I also make sure to empty out the trash cans, don't want anything stinking up the house.

Spare Keys

Give a set of keys to someone you trust just in case something happens.

Click here to download a free worry free travel printable made by simplisafe.

How do you stay safe while traveling?

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