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I recently shared my worry-free travel tips and today I'm going to share my Snapchat friend list with you. If you're not using snapchat yet then maybe this post will make you want to. This app is like no other, photos and videos are recorded on the app and can be sent to a specific person or added to your story, the trick is they will only be there for 24 hours, after that they're gone!

I've been using Snapchat since 2015 and have really gotten into it lately. I have around 50 followers and to me that's something. I had <15 for a while and they were all family members, now friends and other bloggers are following me too.. I especially like to add people I meet while traveling!

After a while of using it, I thought it'd be a great idea to follow German speakers. they would speak like they normally do, fast and about whatever they're currently doing, so it would have me hearing more of the language while hanging out at home-great idea!

So I asked a German friend (whom I knew used the app) if she had any German Bloggers she'd recommend I follow and she did.

I can understand a lot of what they say, it's really helping. I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to hear more German. They also do a lot of product reviews and recommendations, random hauls, and the occasional ootd, like any regular blogger. 

Without further ado, here's my list:

German Travelers

www.carodaur.com:   carodaurohnee
www.debiflue.com:  debifluee
www.high5-nina.com:  high5_Nina
www.laviedeboite.com:  laviedeboite
www.novalanalove.com:  novalanalove 
www.novalanalove.com annicherie
www.XeniaOverdose.com: xeniaoverdose

Germans whose blog I couldn't find (maybe they don't blog?)

www.youtube.com/aminatabelli:  Joinmeineden
Lisa:                                               lisa.talina
Mary:                                             missmary_k
Anna:                                             hey_annafrost
Stephanie:                                      steffi_gie

Travel bloggers

www.wetooktheroadlesstraveled.com: caseadilla1016
www.thehostelgirl.com:                        the_hostelgirl
www.anestingnomad.com:                   anestingnomad
www.intrepidescape.com:                    IntrepidEscape
www.thejourneyofchristine.com:         akeanesense
www.Backpackwithbrock.com:           backpackerbrock
www.travelyourself.ca:                        cailinoneil

Expat Bloggers

www.WelcometoGermerica.com:       courtdian
www.SnowinTromso.com:                  snowintromso
www.AlkeksAbroad.com:                   courtneyalkek
www.SunnySideofthis.com:                isabelsunnyside
www.UnlockingKiki.com:                     kaelene
www.esteelalonde.com:                      essie_button

Lifestyle Bloggers

www.kaseyatthebat.com         kdsmoove
www.sixonesixblog.com         mskellylouise
www.LifeLoveLauren.com:     laurenw250
www.mariahevely.com            mariahevely

Moms who Blog

www.hersailingsoul.com:                cocoalexandraxx
www.apluslifeblog.com:                  courtspena
theramblingllama.blogspot.com:   mcam1225
www.whimsicalseptember.com:       whimsicalsept


felixrachor.tumblr.com:        derrachor               DE
www.baxterweddings.com: prissbaxter            ES
hoyluces.tumblr.com:           hoyluces               ES
www.coryrichards.com:       crichardsphoto     EN
www.everestnofilter.com:    EverestNoFilter    EN

"official" accounts

Brigitte             brigittemagazin
Lonely Planet:  Lpsnapz

In conclusion, Snapchat makes its users share their life and their travels on a daily basis. Allowing any follower an inside look into blogger life first hand.

Follow me to find our daily life plus snapshots of our trips. currently taking you around NEw York.

Whose snaps do you never miss out on?

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