Day Trip

Berlin Day Trip


I have a Cousin who has been living in Ireland for almost one year and we hadn't visited each other yet. earlier this year, she started planning a trip to come visit, and I was excited about it.

I didn't find out until the weekend before she arrived that this was technically a pit stop on her way to Tomorrowland,but it doesn't matter.. I love having guests over and while we technically didn't do much her first day in Germany,we took advantage and went to Berlin on day 2 in germany..
You might recall we were recently in Berlin pack in Feb, when pablo's brother was here. this time we planned the visit the evening before. I had heard that a one way bus ticket can be as low as 8€, so I started searching. I didn't see any good cheap options within the time frame we wanted.

So I tried googling: "hamburg Berlin train cost" thinking maybe we could stop by Schwerin, the castle of the north,  but it would also take too long and we'd be in the city for four hours... so, no thank you.

But then I found a viable option: the IRE Berlin-Hamburg. It is basically an express train between these two cities.  It lasts less than three hours and makes less than 10 stops. Out of which you can choose to get off at one of those cities, do some site-seeing and then take the next train.
They go to and from at least twice daily, and it even works as a day trip. We left hamburg at 645 am and arrived at Berlin at 9:45.
To save on cash, we packed our own lunch, I made a chicken salad. And the only money we spent in Berlin was on drinks, it was a very warm day.

We were in Berlin got to do a walking tour and had some time left over to sight see on our own before we had to take the next train to hamburg at 17:01.

Since I knew we would be doing a lot of walking, I told Avi to bring her scooter. She was so excited she could finally take it on a trip, but was tired of it by the end of the day.

If you decide to take the IRE Berlin-Hamburg you could do so between now and August 3rd for as low as 29,90€ round trip. Or 19,90€ single way. If you do round trip you could leave as many as 15 days inbetween.

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