One of Kaiserslautern's landmarks is the Kaiserbrunnen (emperor fountain) which can be found in the not so city center. I had mentioned it once before, in my By the Numbers post, but today I will go into detail.

Kaiserbrunnen in Kaiserslautern

The Emperor Fountain is found at Mainzer Tor (Mainz gate) in Kaiserslautern, you are not to miss it while walking in the area since it is five meters high and has a diameter of 12 m. It was created by the Kaiserslautern scultpor Gernot Rumpf, who created this circular fountain from bronze and sandstone in 1987.

Kaiserbrunnen in Kaiserslautern

Since then it has been in operation and a center of attraction for many because it represents symbolically an artistic journey through the present day city of Kaiserslautern and its history.
Above the well you can see the busts of Frederick Barbarossa and Rudolf von Habsburg, both are visible from afar.
Other important things are an engine of the company Opel,
wheels and keys that represent the Technical University of Kaiserslautern,
a football signed by Fritz Walter (he was a member of the winning red devils team in the Tournament of 1954 in Switzerland - World Champion).
the Palatinate mythical creature Elwedritsche.
one exception is the mouse - this is the personal signature of the sculptor.
 The owl stands for the symbol of wisdom for Kaiserslautern's long tradition as the city of schools.

The mouse is the distinctive mark of the Palatine sculptor Professor Gernot Rumpf

a sewing machine of the company Pfaff,

The horse ...armoring of the knights who used to reside in the Rittersberg

donkeys and the horse as the former freight and transport animals

the fish, as emblem of the city of Kaiserslautern

The elephants with the city towers symbolize the strength of the former city wall.

Playing and entering the fountain prohibited
this was the last one I saw/took.. after having climbed on at least two of the statues...

The Kaiserbrunnen can be seen as a 3-D history and story book, if you are ever in the area make sure to check it out!

Have you ever seen a fountain like this?.

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