Who's your favorite travel partner?


Happy Travel Tuesday! Today's prompt is "who's your favorite travel partner and what's your favorite trip with that person." I'm going to tell you about mine, with a twist.

It may be a little obvious, but currently I have two favorite travel companions. I really enjoy all these new travel experiences together.  And love the fact that we have been traveling together for the past 7 years...

My first (road) trip with Pablo was when we spent Christmas with his family in Charlotte, NC  back in 2008. It is one I will never forget, it was my first time visiting this city and I got to see a lot of it. The cool thing about spending christmas anywhere is that I get to spend my birthday there too, we had a packed schedule with many activities, my favorite being snowboarding for the first time!

Our first trip with Avi was in 2009, also to Charlotte, but she was just a bump so i'm not going to count it, hehe. Our first trip as a family of three was to South Padre Island, Tx, it was actually a day trip, but it was a fun day in the sun.

Who is your favorite travel companion?

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