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5 Tips to Survive the Magic Kingdom as an Adult (without Kids)


5 Tips to Survive the Magic Kingdom as an Adult (without Kids)
Hey ya'll I'm Dorrie and I blog over at Rt 1 US 1!  I recently moved to South Florida, and I blog about whatever happens to be going on in my life.  This includes books I read, places I visit, and things I attempt to do to my home!  Today I thought I would share some tips for visiting Disney as an adult without children!

My husband finally broke down the other day, we had been debating for months if we should get annual passes to Disney. We finally sucked it up and made the purchase. This would be literally the first time that I have ever been to Disney, and my husband, Scott, hasn’t been since he was very small- a lot had changed. We bought annual passes on Friday and went to the park Saturday.

1.  Wear lightweight/sport clothes. 

My husband pretty much lives in Under Armour anyway, so this wasn’t a problem for him. I layered a couple dark, lightweight tank tops and a pair of cutoffs for the day. We were both comfortable and you couldn’t really tell that we were sweating through the clothes within 5 minutes of being outside!
5 Tips to Survive the Magic Kingdom as an Adult

2. Research and use the Fast Pass option when you get your tickets (in advance)

We attempted to get signed up for some Fast Pass times (check Disney’s website for terms and conditions- you may only have 3 slots filled at a time) but they were pretty much all taken since I was planning the day before. Plus, I was overwhelmed by all that there was to do there, I didn’t want to be limited by a schedule. This resulted in a 45 minute wait for one ride that wasn’t that great (for adults) and a 30 minute wait that wasn’t so bad. The lines continuously moved, there were fans/ air conditioning, and the ride was great! However, we just kept seeing these people zip by us in the Fast Pass line, which made for a twitchy husband.

3. Get there early. 

Per my research Friday before heading to Orlando, I found that the Magic Kingdom opened at 9. We live an hour away, but didn’t leave the house until about 9:30. The drive into the parking area was no problem, mostly because we avoided Interstate 4. But, then it took us a full hour or more to get INTO the park! I’m sure it would take us just as long, had we gotten there when the doors opened. However, it would have been a few degrees cooler.
5 Tips to Survive the Magic Kingdom as an Adult

4. Check out the stores, no matter how crowded they seem

Not every store, but if you’re walking around for a bit and it’s hot. I’ll gladly get jostled by a crowd of kids for 5 glorious minutes of air conditioning while looking at pirate garb!

5. Keep a watchful eye on the parents with strollers. 

We learned quickly that it didn’t matter if there was a sleeping kid in there or not, the parents would cut you off / run over your feet/part the crowd using these things. On one side, I can’t blame them, as it can be frustrating when people don’t let you into the line. On the other hand, I’m not sure it was completely necessary make a mad dash through the crowd just to be at the front of the line, running over my toe in the process. If it is, then maybe making people aware of your situation would help. It would at least mitigate my death stare, that I know you saw as you were trying to avoid eye contact!
Fountain at Magic Kingdom
After a few hours at the park, we decided that it was time to get going. We had a really good day, but I was overwhelmed from the start.   We plan on going again this weekend, and are looking at dates that we can visit during the week.  We discussed how we had NO idea how people from “away” do this for (sometimes) a few days straight and consider it a “vacation!”

Thank you very much for guest posting Dorrie, and for the rest, feel free to follow her on any of her social media: Bloglovin Facebook Twitter Instagram!

Have you been to any Disney parks without children? What are some of your favorite tips?"

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