Spring Break Dreams (Plans & Goals)


I'm co-hosting the circle linkup with kiki this month and am so excited! I've been joining in since April last year, and it's been fun participating in different prompts and now I got to brainstorm one with her--we chose sharing our Spring Break plans, dreams, and goals--with the opportunity to add in any places you'd like to go see or places that you've already booked a ticket to travel to!


We didn't end up traveling any where this year, and it's a shame really, since children have two weeks off school for spring in Germany. I want to say we took advantage of this and went on vacation, but that wasn't the case.

We are half way through the second week and the most we've been doing is going to the library and meeting up with friends, which has been pretty cool for Avi. Even better for me, because to I get to sleep in--I'll be missing this come next week! ☺


Because of this I'm going to say what my dream spring break would consist of if I could do anything without worrying about money. Callimg it my dream spring break instead of my sprin break dreams!

I previously mentioned this on the blog, my dream vacation would be to visit a Rainforest .But if someone were to tell me I've won a free spring break trip and can go wherever I want, at this point in time, I'd take advantage of the season and go on a (minimum) seven day cruise through the Eastern Mediterranean.

We've never gone on one and have been wanting to go on a cruise for the longest time, I think this would be a great choice, I get to check many things off my bucket list in one trip.

My main goal would be of course to go on my first cruise, but after that, during this special spring break vacation I would set a goal to:
  • visit new cities.
  • go on at least one excursion,
  • have a good time.
  • take advantage of the on-board amenities and entertainment.
  • try my hardest to not get sea sick, since l am prone to that.
Aren't my goal options for any planned trip? I think yes, except the last one (unless you're traveling by sea) and especially the second to last one, always take advantage of those!

Now it's your turn! We would love for you to join us this month and want to know what you're up to for Spring break and if you have any goals for Spring in general. Grab a button, enter in your link, and go check out everyone else's Spring Break plans and goals!

Where would you spend your dream spring break?

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