Visiting the Kraftwerk Moorburg.


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In August 2014 we were invited to a neighbors day at the coal power plant near our neighborhood. Our neighbors recommended we go, and since it was related to what Pablo was working in before moving to Germany we signed up to visit it.

We were warmly greeted by employees who had set everything up to keep us visitors occupied while we waited for our assigned tour to start. They even had a special Kids corner with a bouncy house, make up artist and other activities.
Once it was time for our tour to start they gathered us up, gave us an introduction. After the brief intro we were given the protective equipment and then saw the power plant by foot.
During the tour we were connected with the employee via headset and through it we received information on the various facilities here.
Throughout our tour they showed us the transport of coal in the boiler houses, the Elbe water cooling system and the generator they use to produce electricity .
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The size of the power plant was impressive, especially since he mentioned that they only have less than 20 employees.
Vattenfall Europe Power Consult is the general designer for the 1640 MW Moorburg power plant. Which produces 11 billion kilowatt hours of electricity per year, Nearly the city's entire electricity demand.
After the tour they had a breakfast buffet available to it's visitors we took advantage of it and after we finished we let avi play a little while longer before we went home.

Have you ever visited a coal power plant?

Welcome to Travel Tuesday!

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Have you been in a power plant before?

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This month I will be co'hosting the Circle link up with kiki from inititstime. It will go live on March 16th and we will be sharing our Spring Break plans, dreams, and goals--with the opportunity to add in any places you'd like to go see or places that you've already booked a ticket to travel to! We want to know what you're up to for Spring break and if you have any goals for Spring in general.

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