Wanderful Wednesday

Epcot is about countries and stamps.


The first thing we did as we walked through the gates was hop on the "future" ride. I got paired up with Avi and I read the questions to her and she chose the answers, she let me choose some of them so the future we got was a mixture of both of us.
From there we headed towards the seas with Nemo & friends, but on our way I decided to stop by for a picture with Baymax. It was a longish wait time but we made up for it by talking to the people in front of us who gave us recommendations on what rides to do ASAP!
We did the Nemo/aquarium ride & then went to the turtle talk show. As expected it was pretty funny, and Avi added to it:
We then headed over towards the lake and bumped into Daisy. We waited in line while some of us went across the street to buy an autograph book from the gift shop (best $13 dollars spent), and then got her signature and took pictures with her.

The first country on the left side  we got on the three amigos ride, and I Snapchatted some of it but didn't save it, so only some people saw that.
Afterwards we went to take pictures with a Mexican themed Donald Duck.

we were here a snort while, they have a new "Frozen section" under construction!
My niece, Itzel, has a huge interest in China so she was very excited for this part of the trip. and she also really wanted a picture with Mulan. Sadly, we couldn't find her photo spot and by the time we did she was taking a break, so we walked around and enjoyed window shopping.

Before stepping foot in "Germany" we stood in line to take a picture with Snow white, during which it started raining and Avi fell asleep. I woke her up while we were almost next and she kept saying she didn't want too, she'd rather continue sleeping.

Snow white told Avi she reminded her of her friend (sleepy) and they talked a bit about our time in the park. Snow White kind of looked like my friend Rachel.
Afterwards we went to Germany and stayed there for a while and then headed back to China to take our picture with mulan.
We spent very little time here, mainly at the kiddie corner escaping the rain.

We came here to take a picture with Jasmin and Aladdin. Avi had a nice long chat with Jasmin about how her favorite color is teal. And then we walked around Morocco, it was already dark but well lit.
We skipped Japan and the USA and headed off to France, Aurora was next on our list! We went to the spot but she wasn't there, turns out she wouldn't be coming outside because it was raining so much. Instead we walked around France and I wanted to get a picture with the Eiffel tier, but it turns out it's just there for the view and not really accessible.

We took pictures with Winne the Pooh and Tigger , and chatted with some of the workers, one of them told me she was from a small city (idr the name) which is having a huge celebration this year.

We were going to go on the ride but it wasn't starting for a while and we really didn't have much time it was already dark so we got our stamp and drawings and left.

After Canada it was really late so we decided to finally get on the Soarin ride, it was just Pablo, Avi, her cousin Itzel, and me.

While we were waiting in line Avi had to go to the restroom, but not one if those she could hold so we skipped to the front and asked for options, the worker told me to take her and gave me a one-time-use fast pass. The line was really short by the time we got back and Pablo and itzel were nowhere to be seen.

I was a little concerned since I couldn't find them, but Avi and I got on the ride and waited at the exit for them. I figured this would be the best option. The group after us came out and then two more but P & I weren't there. As some people were coming out, I recognized a few from our original spot in line but Pablo and itzel weren't with that bunch either...

It was a little after ten and they were still not out. We stayed by the exit and the workers were waiting for the last group of the day (season, because it closed for maintenance the next day) to come out and so were we. Finally Pablo and Itzel come out and Pablo was so pissed at me, he waited for me until the very end they were literally the last two to get on and I didn't do the same!

Moral of the story: make sure to check twice for your crew before going on a ride!

Our time on Epcot consisted on taking pictures with as many characters, getting a pressed penny and a stamp from every country we visited. What I would do different when I go back, is to take a picture in every photo spot they have set up throughout the park.

This was a loooong post If you read it all I hope you enjoyed it!!

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